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Pharmedoc- Comfort Bedding Products @pharmedoc

Pharmedoc is a brand originating from California, which has an online store catering to thousands of people while offering over 50 products. Pharmedoc’s products range from their bedding line to the fitness section, all being professionally designed keeping your comfort and fitness the priority! Pharmedoc…

Goose-Feather Duvet (Up to 57% Off)

Sleep in the duvet of your dreams.   Thousands of small, white goose feathers fill these cotton duvets, providing a bed covering at once light and filling, like a chocolate soufflé from Canadian Down & Feather Company. These feathers undergo an antimicrobial process to eliminate bacteria…

Dreamie Comfort Everywhere

The best part of the day is when you finally retire to bed for a good night’s rest and there is nothing like a soft silky bedding. This becomes an issue when you are away from the comforts of your own home, Now you can…