Feb 9 2013
Goose-Feather Duvet (Up to 57% Off)

Sleep in the duvet of your dreams.


Thousands of small, white goose feathers fill these cotton duvets, providing a bed covering at once light and filling, like a chocolate soufflé from Canadian Down & Feather Company.

These feathers undergo an antimicrobial process to eliminate bacteria and effectively render them hypoallergenic. Baffle-box construction ensures that this insulation stays evenly distributed across the blanket.

White goose feather duvet from Canadian Down & Feather Company are available in the following options:

  •     $44 for a twin size ($100 list price)
  •     $49 for a full size ($110 list price)
  •     $54 for a queen size ($125 list price)
  •     $64 for a king size ($150 list price)

An additional $8 fee will be charged at checkout for shipping.

Some important features of note are that these white goose feathers provide loft and insulation, while the baffle-box construction prevents feathers from migrating around the duvet.

The duvets have a 233 thread count, resists down or feather leaks, has a 100 per cent cotton cover and are hypoallergenic.

Available dimensions include:

  •         Twin: 64”x86”; 1,275 g
  •         Full: 78”x86”; 1,575 g
  •         Queen: 88”x90”; 1,825 g
  •         King: 102”x90”; 2,075 g

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