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Academy Awards Official Ballot Winners 2011

 “Live from the Red Carpet” starts at 6 pm The official link, where you can see a live countdown, is oscar.go.com. Here you can also download the official Oscars 2011 ballot, a printable *pdf document that will give you a clear overview over this year’s…

Stop Dolphin Slaughter text “dolphin” to 441444

 Text “dolphin” to 441444 Academy Awards The Cove Sign held up by one of the producers Fisher Stevens. one of the actors. #oscars Issues: Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise Hunting Join the mobile campaign for The Cove and receive updates on the campaign and how you…

82nd Academy Awards

 The 82nd Academy Awards are about to get started shortly. Avatar is expected to be a big winner. The Hurt Locker is also in the running first time a woman director has been nominated and is in serious contention. District 9 is also Stephen Lang…