Jun 25 2008
t-mobile service issues continued
Today I had the pleasure of speaking with t-mobile again.

I was once again having trouble with their service. One of the options on voice mail is to dial the party that left you the message, which push 8. So I push 8 and it starts to ring, and the voice mail keeps playing. I tried this twice and it did the same thing.

In the past when I would press 8 it would dial and connect me to the number, either someone would pick up or I would get the other person’s voice mail. Well this wasn’t the case with t-mobile.

So I called customer service. Today they must have had the new reps on the phones, I asked the rep if they knew how the voice mail system worked. The rep was pretty clueless, so I asked for a supervisor, who after 10 minutes picked up. So now I am on the call for 20+ minutes and pretty aggrevated. The rep then asked me to call from a different phone to troubleshoot the phone. I told them that the problem was most likely with their voice mail service as this had worked in the past when I would try it. Why would there by something with my phone affecting the voice mail, anyway. So I left it at that and hung up.

Asking a mobile customer to call from another phone is pretty inconsiderate. Why now give the customer some thing to try and call back if you still have trouble. I asked the supervisor if they would transfer me and no. They are not allowed to transfer if the customer is calling from their mobile phone. That’s just not right.

T-mobile your service is getting worse, your customer service is horrible. I am just going to fwd my phone to Sprint. You guys really need to get your act together. You have lost a customer of 5 years to your inability to fix your network and bring it up to par.

Mobile phone service should be reliable. My cousin who switched to Verizon is very happy and he was with t-mobile. Can’t believe he put up with it so long.

t-mobile…. can you year me now?

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