May 19 2013
SunStarter Sponsors Pasadena Based Muir Ranch School Farm @muirranch

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SunStarter Sponsors Pasadena Based Muir Ranch School Farm



The SunStarter Team at Muir Ranch
The SunStarter Team at Muir Ranch

PRLog (Press Release)May 17, 2013PASADENA, Calif.As part of its community initiative, Powering Prosperity, SunStarter has partnered with Muir Ranch, a school farm located at Pasadena’s John Muir High School. SunStarter will provide 500 reusable bags the group uses to distribute locally grown produce. The bags, printed with the Muir Ranch logo, will go into circulation in mid-May.

“What Muir Ranch is doing is truly admirable,” said SunStarter’s Executive Vice President, Steve Kiesling. “The students who participate learn a variety of valuable skills, from how to cultivate locally grown, environmentally sustainable crops, to how to effectively bring a product to the marketplace. When we heard about what was happening at Muir Ranch, we knew it would be a worthwhile cause to support.”

The Muir Ranch project consists of a 1.5 acre farm at John Muir High School, regular classes for students to learn how to cultivate crops, and a CSA (community supported agriculture) program that allows community members to purchase subscriptions and receive weekly deliveries of fresh, local produce from the Ranch. Muir Ranch currently serves over 160 subscribers, and the interest is growing.

“The team at Muir Ranch really appreciates the support of SunStarter,” said Erika Redke, the Muir Ranch CSA manager. “We were thrilled when we found out that SunStarter wanted to sponsor reusable bags for our CSA customers, as we have been wanting to make the transition away from paper bags for some time now. Muir Ranch CSA will benefit greatly from reduced use of resources and happier customers.” Subscribers pick up bags of fruits and vegetables from the garden at three Pasadena locations each week.

“As a solar company, we’re interested in the kinds of actions that fuse individual and collective interests,” Kiesling added. “Muir Ranch does that by providing access to local produce, minimizing costs and pollution from transportation and giving students valuable experience.” The Muir Ranch sponsorship is one project within SunStarter’s community initiative. Thanks to Pasadena’s Solar Initiative, SunStarter will also be offering up to twenty entirely cost-free solar electricity systems to low-income homeowners; the company is currently soliciting those customers, and welcomes partnership with local organizations.


SunStarter is a residential solar panel provider with operations throughout the Los Angeles area. Launched in 2013, SunStarter combines the established expertise of the Solar Provider Group with deep local roots and a community-centered approach. More information can be found at


In 2011, a dedicated team of volunteer teachers and students began converting 1.5 acres of the John Muir High School campus into an urban farm. Muir Ranch grows a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruit that are included in weekly CSA boxes as well as school cafeteria lunches. Students can complete community service or internship graduation requirements by enrolling in classes at the Ranch. Muir Ranch also provides paid internships to students, which are funded by private donations, special events, farmer’s market sales, and subscriptions to the produce box program (CSA). More information can be found at


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