Feb 28 2009
SunPower Corporation Solar Systems

SunPower Corporation was founded a quarter-century ago and has produced the world’s most efficient and powerful solar systems, leading the way in product innovation.

Thousands of homeowners worldwide are turning to SunPower for their solar system installations. They know there’s no faster way to increase the resale potential on their homes than a SunPower solar system. SunPower has installed the most solar systems in North America.

Our Solar System may include:

  • The best looking and most efficient solar panels.
  • The largest, best-in-class, global network of certified dealers.
  • A 25 year product warranty.
  • Our monitoring systems ensure performance and peace of mind. This web-based monitoring provides busy customers access to their home solar systems performance in real-time.
  • Our SunPower financing partners offer pre-negotiated competitive rates and flexible plans based on their special situation.
  • With Government incentives customers can now take advantage of available federal, state and local tax incentives that can save them up to 45% off a solar system.
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