Feb 18 2020
Street Lights in Pasadena – How to Report Lights Out
The city of Pasadena maintains street lights for the safety of citizens.  As such there are many lights that burn out, potentially creating dark areas at night that could be a safety concern.
In a recent communication with the city I asked about the process of how lights are checked.  Having reported dozens of lights out over the past few weeks, I thought it would be good to see how the process could be improved and how I could help to facility the repair of lighting issues.  Namely I was concerned with lights that are burned out, dim or not working.
“With regard to checking non working street lights, we have our night employee check the major streets like Washington and Fair Oaks and several others every two weeks and map and report any bulbs out so that they can be changed the next day. Because it is difficult to check for non working street lights during the day when the circuits are off, our crews respond to 311 requests for street lights that are not working and usually have them replaced within 48 hours. When we get a 311 request for a street light out, we check the area that evening if it is a working day and log that light and any other lights that are out in the vicinity so we are not just replacing one street light at a time if there are others out on the same or surrounding blocks. With nearly 17,000 street lights in the City, the 311 requests for lights not working that come in from all the residents throughout the City provide our crew with locations to check and we change out each and every non working street light in that area within 48 hours or less. “
I like many residents use the Pasadena Citizen Service Center App, which is very handy for reporting numerous issues around the city, some use the phone to call in requests. 626.744.7311.
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