Nov 20 2011
Sprint Lack of Concern For Customers @sprintcare @sprint

Sprint Disables Service on Phone Without Notice

Here’s the latest customer violation issue from Sprint. Which will be reported to the FCC

I was signed up for months on a plan that was paying about $20(special plan, price is not relevant here).  Hardly used the phone, but was still being charged. You would think that if you are paying for a service regardless of wether you use it or not.

For those questioning that I have been paying and should have current service, here’s a current statement:

Now that I need the phone…. guess what. The phone service doesn’t work, but I look and I am still being charged. The phone turns on but Sprint had disabled the phone from making calls.  Without any notice, no email, no call, nothing.

Someone at Sprint decided to just disable the phone from making calls.

What a complete disregard for customers Sprint has where if they are making a change to a plan they will basically disable your service…. but still charge your account. They still take payment.

I would imagine that this has been going on for months, and I just noticed.

The first rep I talked to must have been in another country, I could hardly understand her and she could not help me. The second rep I spoke to in financial could not help, basically could not even look up the account. So then she transfered me to someone I could barely hear, and she hung up on me. So that’s the status as of 7am on Friday. Basically Sprint Customer service sucks!

I’ve disabled autopay on my account, because I am sure that Sprint would be charging me again, but continue to have my disconnected service.

I am now disputing this action and will be reporting to the office of the president for Sprint.

My phone WORKS, SPRINT DISABLED THE ABILITY TO MAKE CALLS! That’s what I am paying for the service. The phone turns on and I get the dreaded message, this phone is not authorized, etc.. Like you would get if the phone is not provisioned or you are not paying your bill or if someone at Sprint decides to cancel your service.

Note: Sprint and other carriers have been known to disable service on customers, but the kicker here is that Sprint is still charging me for the service. If Sprint is going to cancel my service, STOP COLLECTING MONEY.

Yes, perhaps I should be checking this phone periodically, but it is my second phone, not my primary. So I don’t use it very often. But that is regardless, if Sprint is going to disable my service, then stop charging me the service fee. I don’t know who would disagree with this.

Sprint Apple iPhone 4S Data Speed Issues

On a related note to poor service issues with Sprint, you may have read or experienced slow or VERY slow data speeds with your new iPhone 4S…. if so there’s a petition to get Sprint to fix the issue, as apparently there’s no eta to the fix.

If you haven’t read Sprint also has a data issue with the iPhone 4S, something that I noticed with a co-worker that purchased the 4S.

@Sprint to stop charging premium data fees until iPhone data speed issue is resolved:


Executive Team
Dan Hesse – Chief Executive Officer
Joseph J. Euteneuer – Chief Financial Officer

Here’s the response from an email I just sent to – obviously he didn’t read my email, but an auto response, and perhaps someone will call or not. Either way. Sprint has lost a customer for now.

Thank you for taking the time to write me.

A representative from my office will be contacting you.

Once again, from all of us at Sprint, thank you.

Dan Hesse

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