May 4 2013
Sprint Coverage Goes from Bad to Worse in Los Angeles – Burbank Area @sprintcare @sprint

Sprint Coverage Goes from Bad to Worse in Burbank Area

If you live, work or even travel through the Burbank area, in particular near the Burbank Bob Hope Airport and your cell provider is Sprint, you have noticed how bad service has gotten and there is no solution from Sprint other than wait until the upgrades are completed which could be as early as the end of June 2013, but that is a soft date, it will most likely be months beyond that.


This is the coverage map just pulled from the site which shows BEST coverage in the area. How could that be? These coverage maps are misleading and need to updated. Most people see this and think that Sprint has great coverage in the Burbank area, when in fact it is not very good.

Sprint apparently sent notices to customers that towers are being upgraded to Network Vision, which is Sprint’s answer to LTE/4G, but is this too little too late? As Sprint continues to provide marginal service at best, they continue to turn off towers and really mismanage the upgrade process, and to top it off the reps that handle calls from customers both residential and business customers are less than sensitive to the customers, with an attitude  that you can take it or leave it, and making offers and then changing their minds, one rep Tony, who I spoke with made one offer and then called back to tell me that offer was not available.  Said that there would be a monthly credit until the issue was resolved then changed the amount and said it would only be for two months.

Said that he would get us a rep for our business, and then never called back as he said. But the combative tone of the conversation was probably the most disturbing part of the call. Not really a good idea for dealing with a long term customer who is suffering from horrible service from your company.

I am glad I no longer have Sprint for personal service, they have pulled some really bad moves and provided non-service.

In the meantime we are investigating the best way to terminate our contract with Sprint for failure to provide service.  Intermittent service is one thing but no service or consistently bad or no service is a whole different story.

What is Sprint really doing about these issues?  Not much. Damage control at best.

Most of the avenues for communicating with Sprint are dead ends. Including the email for which goes into some que where reps respond as they please how the please. Does Dan Hesse(Sprint CEO) really see the emails? I say no.  Dan  should be looking at these emails, which customers really spend time to write in about real issues with Sprint service.

This is not the first time Sprint has botched service for customers, and this time appears to be no different. The Nextel fiasco is well documented and resulted in the firing of the CEO then as well as the loss of hundreds of thousands of customers, the effects still being felt today. If you get sucked into the Sprint marketing hype be prepared to suffer for at least the term of your contract unless you pay the termination fees.

Sprint get your act together please!

Here’s some of the reps I have talked to:

Cliff – 817.215.3631 supervisor of tech support escalation

Julian – Sprint Social Care

This is the response from Social Care:

“Thank you for reaching out to SprintCares regarding the issues you and your employees are having with Sprint service. I’m happy to help find the root of your issue. There is a tower outage near I-5 and Cohasset St that may be affecting service at your location. We’re working to get this tower up and running as soon as possible. We are also upgrading several towers in the Burbank, CA area to Network Vision. This also may cause intermittent issues with service. Once these upgrades are complete, you will experience less dropped calls, faster data service, and improved indoor coverage.”

This has been an issue for many many months, and goes from bad which is somewhat usable intermittently.

On top of all this DISH network is making a bid to buy Sprint, estimated that the deal is upwards of $25 billion. Could this add more distractions to Sprint?  Yes.

This is a map of the Sprint towers in the Burbank area. As you can see there are only a few towers to server entire city and it appears that the towers do not match the coverage map, so there’s something else going on here. As we know Sprint is selling that it has great coverage when it is not very good.

Check out the tower map here.

In addition read this report/blog posting from yet another dissatisfied long term Sprint customer. Who as others has been getting the runaround, but is not taking it anymore and documenting it all. Perhaps Sprint will start to pay closer attention to these issues.



Update: 5/2: Spoke with Sandy in the office of Dan @, she is one of the managers, apparently will take ownership of the situation and try to come up with a solution. The AirWave is not a workable solution. There is no eta on resolution to coverage issues.
There are many issues with Sprint coverage to the point that may Sprint business sales reps are no longer selling Sprint cell services. The issues in industry circles is well known. Sprint has a serious problem and is not doing a very good job at managing the issues and as a matter of fact making them worse, by having reps who take a combative stance with customers.

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