Feb 2 2012
Spotlight Tech Companies – Spotlight: LA Tech Winter 2012 @techzulu

Spotlight Tech Companies – TechZulu

Spotlight Companies

Crowd Seats gets you in the crowd for your favorite games with ticket prices 50-90% off face value! Crowd Seats is the only Group Buying/Daily Deals site for sports fans. All it takes is an email address to start receiving our exclusive deals for sports tickets to your favorite teams in your city.


On Storitz, you don’t just make a reservation, you actually select a specific unit from a facility’s available inventory and complete your rental all from the website. This means not having to worry about spending extra time negotiating and collecting superfluous paperwork at the storage facility.  It’s a clutter-free, haggle-free, hassle-free solution to self storage.


Mobile Web America, Inc.has created a simple to use, online application for your business to create a mobile site and secure its mobile presence. We utilize the content of your existing website and create a mobile version on-the-fly. Logos, themes, branding, content, videos, maps and more are automatically transposed to the mobile version with no programming knowledge required. The end user, regardless of the mobile device from which the website is being accessed, will see a mobile version of the your site!

Rapid Fire Triviais a game owned and operated by Danger Room Gaming.   We write and create our own content for the game.  This way we keep the questions fresh and up to date with current events.


Leftronic is a real-time data visualization platform for startups. We make it trivial to quickly aggregate and monitor your key metrics in real-time! Everything happens in the browser (no software to download) and the finished product looks amazing on large screens!

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