Jan 25 2021
Spectrum Price Gouging Price Increases Sly Tactics @charter @get_spectrum

Spectrum Price Gouging Price Increases

So you may have received like the one below.

Spectrum is raising rates… In this case our rate went from $49.99 to $54.99 to what the letter claims is going to be the new rate at $69.99. This is rally bad.   This s only for internet, imagine most customers who have a phone line and video services their bill is easily over $100.

When new customers are being lured in with promotions and specials for $49.99 for 12 months and twice the speed as customers like myself are getting, that’s just wrong and the FCC needs to investigate this and fine companies for this unethical and unscrupulous billing tactic. They are betting that customers will not cancel or find an alternative service.  Meanwhile the profits these companies are generating for there executives are growing by leaps and bounds. And making all their executives filthy rich.  They should be embarrassed but they bask in the riches they make off the backs of the working people and those they can take advantage of.

This letter has someone named Kathleen Griffin, VP Customers Communications

With this number listed to call (877) 750-7916



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