Nov 29 2009
Sorbet Fresh Organic Fruit

Truly Raw Gourmet Sorbet

Fresh Organic Fruit Raw Unheated Honey Organic Coconut Water
– Strawberry Coconut
– Strawberry Lemonade
– Chocolate Creme
– Honey Grapefruit
– Pineapple Banana
– Raspberry
– Coconut
– Mango
and more….
Look for the sorbet
Packaged in glass it’s made with love

Available at:
co-opportunity Santa Monica
P.C. Greens Malibu
Rawesome Foods Venice
Whole Foods
Los Angeles Area

100% Real Food
Kippy Miller
917.450-5880 cell
Culver City, CA 90230

Max & Kippy create sorbet using Raw Local Honey, Fresh Organic Coconut Water, and Organic Freshly Picked Fruit. That’s It Folks. 100 % Real and All Food.

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