Dec 2 2009

smartboxWant to send a special gift to your friends, loved ones or dears. Beat the holiday rush and buy your presents now. You need to choose a Smartbox and offer it. Your recipients use the guidebook to make their own choice. They need to give the voucher to the supplier on arrival.

You can search a no. of products for your gifts and send them with a guaranteed and secured payment.

Use the Search by Smartbox for the variety of product categories,

  • Health & Wellness Gifts: Serenity Northeast, Serenity Great Lakes, Serenity California, Serenity Texas.
  • Sport Activity Gifts: Adventure Texas, Adventure Northeast, Adventure Great Lakes, Adventure California, Adrenaline California, Adrenaline Great Lakes, Adrenaline Northeast, Adrenaline Texas.
  • Getaway Gifts: Charming Gateways National
  • Getaway Gifts with Dinner: Gourmet Retreats National
  • Discovery Gifts: Fun For All Texas, Fun For All California, Fun For All Great Lakes, Fun For All Northeast

We have a few other categories like Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, and Gifts for Them. You will definitely like the products from Her / Him / Them categories.

Smart&Co. was established in France by Pierre-Edouard Stérin, Smart&Co. (Smartbox™ its flagship brand) has experienced phenomenal success in a short period of time and is currently present in 16 countries including France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan. The company continues to push ahead with innovative ideas and continues to release new and exhilarating products year after year.

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