Mar 26 2012
Rubber Mulch and The Benefits

Children love being outside and spending quality time at the local playground.  A loving parent enjoys taking their children to the park.  All parents fear their children getting injured.  Accidents happen unfortunately, but thanks to rubber mulch which is being used for school and commercial playgrounds, accidents are occurring less often.

Rubber mulch is now a very popular product for several reasons.  This special mulch is made from recycled tires which has helped save the environment.  This product is highly economical, safe and long lasting.  It can be used nearly anywhere from commercial playgrounds to equestrian arenas.  The rubber mulch can even be used for your personal garden.

There are five different types of Rubber mulch.  The playsafer rubber mulch, playsafer rubber bond, landscape rubber mulch, surefoot arena footing and rubber curbs and wearmats.   Each product is composed of special ingredients to serve specific purposes.  The playsafer rubber bond is actually an improvement of the playsafer rubber mulch.  This product contains a layer of high quality high polyurethane which makes the school playground safer.  The polyurethane bond adds extra absorbancy and protection.  This product involves little maintenance as well.

The landscape rubber mulch will help sustain your garden during cold and hot months.  This mulch is very unique because it will not blow away, is cost effective and made of 100% recycled material.  The product is also non toxic, requires very little maintenance and will reduce your amount of weeds.  If you use this product you will also notice less insects in your garden as well.

Rubber mulch is an amazing product.  It is very beneficial to our environment and will definitely save money over time.


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