Jan 15 2019
Ring Video Footage Not Secure or Encrypted

Millions of homes are equipped with Ring security systems and reports have been released with evidence that employees of Ring have access to video footage. And to make matters worse, video is not encrypted and is also available by folders and customer emails.

Not encrypting video or accounts is surely a bad sign for Ring, the rational given is that the cost was too high.

Many users are now looking at alternatives and trying to figure out what Ring is going to do to repair the damage done, perhaps video has already been downloaded.

We surely expect Ring will make a formal announcement on this issue. Silence is surely not going to be acceptable to users of Ring. Amazon owns Ring. Amazon head Jeff Bezos is under scrutiny for an alleged affair with Lauren Sanchez and divorcing his wife of 25 years.

Ring recently announced a new improved line of products at CES, apparently none address the vulnerabilities.

We sincerely hope that Ring addresses this issues brought about through the various reports.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for Google’s Nest, to strike on the shortcomings of the Ring platform and capitalize revenue opportunities.

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