Nov 2 2010
Ricky Martins honest to goodness confession

Admitting something wrong is one thing but admitting your gay and in front of the whole world is another. For Ricky Martin the biggest thing he had to deal with is the lie he made up for himself in order to project something that is not the real Ricky Martin. At least that’s what he told Oprah Winfrey on a recent interview. He lets his emotions out and cried like a baby after admitting then he felt numb out of the whole situation. The good part was being relieved after everything was said and done. Being open about his sexuality came out of inspiration from his 2 year old twins who were delivered by surrogate. Feeling uneasy and painful about hiding Martin just looked at his children and realized he doesn’t want to be a father figure who lies. Apart from being blessings in his life Martin acknowledges the fact that they are the reason he had the courage to tell the whole world who he really is. Everything is recounted on a memoir that he is about to release on November 2; his journey to fatherhood, his Menudo experiences and his sexuality. The truth really sets you free.

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