Apr 1 2011
Receivd securely share files @receivd

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Have photos you need to send to multiple people? No problem.
Receivd lets you create lists of people to securely share files with. You then drag & drop sets of files once and everybody on your list starts securely downloading the file instantly without having to manually approve the downloads. Simpler than email.
Need to send that essay to your classmate? Piece of cake.
Receivd also lets you send files to just one person securely. If they’re not in front of their computer, the files you sent will be waiting for them when they return, along with email notifications with links to the files attached.
Using different platforms? We’ve got you covered.
Receivd’s beautiful and powerful desktop, web, and mobile apps allow you to browse through the photos, videos and other files that people have sent you and also allows you to send files effortlessly to multiple people at once. Receivd also keeps everything organized so you never have to search for files someone has sent you.
Send originals, not copies. They get just what you send.
Unlike email, all photos and videos sent via Receivd are delivered at the same high quality resolution that your camera supports. No compromises.
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