Oct 23 2011
Rapid Quick Charger for Electric Cars

Rapid Quick Charger for Electric Cars

Here’s an idea for those looking to advance the electric car revolution.

Imagine being able to drive for about the maximum range of your electric vehicle and then pull over to the side of the road and plug in your emergency quick recharger and boost your mileage to another 25-50% of the full charge in 30min?

Is this far fetched? Probably not, there must be some working being done on high capacity portable quick chargers. Even if the charger only adds 20 miles to the range of the vehicle I know there would be plenty of interest. The key is that this is newer battery technology that is capable of holding the charge.

Charging stations are not easy to come by today, but as they become more common, there will be options for quick charge.

How about a network of open electric charge locations, like a share network. If you have an electric car charger would you be willing to allow strangers to use it? Perhaps they would leave a payment of some sort? Maybe a few dollars for the charge?

Maybe we can call this network the evchargers.com

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