Feb 6 2014
QardioArm – a smarter read on blood pressure

QardioArm gives you a smarter read on blood pressure – by Qardio

Do you know what blood pressure actually represents?

Our heartbeat pushes blood through the body. In turn, the blood pushes against the sides of our blood vessels. Blood vessels are able to stretch and can widen as needed to keep your blood flowing. When your blood starts to push too hard against the blood vessels THIS creates high blood pressure.

Stop raising blood pressure before it gets to a danger zone. Monitor your BP with the QardioArm for an easy way to keep track of your BP over an extended period of time.

Did we mention your data can be sent to your doctor at the push of a button?

#GetQardio: https://igg.me/at/QardioArm/x/5943079
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