Jan 23 2009
Pink Slipped Mixers 2.0 – Pasadena

Pink Slipped Mixers 2.0 – Pasadena

6pm – 9pm Wednesday, January 28 2009
Villa Sorriso, 168 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA
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Edwin on Oct 20, 2008

Our Pink Slip Mixers are about hundreds of professional, mid- to upper-level executives who are (might be) victims of the “economic downturn” of 2008. Our parties are about banding together, networking and bonding with the recently “Pinked”. We will share our experiences of why we were let off, what companies are hiring, and the “buzz words” that specific hiring managers want to hear.

Aside from the usual imbibing, commiseration and fun that every pink slip party brings, headhunters, direct-hire companies, and recruiting firms will also on-hand to learn a little bit more about what you do. Maybe you’ll meet a new contact, or find a new job!

When you come in the door, you’ll be given a color-coded name tag that identifies you as a job seeker of a specific industry — or a recruiter or Hiring Manager of a direct hire company — so you can network with the people that matter to you!

Below are the industries we will be focusing on:

1. Banking
2. Real Estate
3. Financial Services
4. IT / engineering
5. Airline/Aero Technology
6. Legal / Professional Services
7. Sales & Marketing
8. Green Technology
9. Medical/Pharmaceuticals
10.Media/Entertainment/Online Advertising

Recruiters and Hiring Managers! We need your help. Please contact Edwin @ 310-406-7992. We are looking for folks to assist us with job search tips, interview techniques, and industry job trends. Edwin and I are not recruiters so we could really benefit from your expertise — please “Pay it Forward” by helping out your fellow colleagues, and think of the valuable candidate contacts you’ll make!

We look forward to seeing you at the next mixer.

If you are not a member of the site and want to attend the mixer, please first register to the site by clicking here and then RSVP to the event.

Please help us by telling others about Pink Slip Mixers 2.0!

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