Feb 22 2010
Picasso Cafe Irwindale

While the fork is popular, it lessens the dining experience by stripping you of your ability to take advantage of the human hand’s sense of taste. Today’s Groupon provides plenty of forkless eating options for breakfast or lunch with $25 worth of wraps, paninis, and signature sandwiches for $10 at Picasso’s Café in Irwindale.

Picasso’s applies its esteemed catering cred toward crafting quality café eats. The cozy café is home to inspired breakfast and lunch choices. Starbucks brews, espresso drinks, and a wide variety of day encouragers, such as crumby muffins (starting at $1.95), assorted scones ($1.75 for petite, $2.75 for large), and a hot ham and cheese croissant sandwich ($9.25), get the morning off to a satisfying start, just like the flare gun you fire underneath your pillow every morning.

For lunch, Picasso serves a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and paninis, all of which have mastered the stuff-inside-stuff food formula. Bread-covered bites include a meatball and mozzarella sandwich ($7.95 for regular size) and the secretary sandwich, which lands you a choice of albacore tuna or chicken salad on a croissant with cottage cheese or fresh fruit ($9.25). Salads include seared ahi tuna bedded atop shredded cabbage and saturated with a house sweet-soy wasabi dressing and crispy rice noodles ($14.50). The café also features a modest selection of vegetarian grub including a garden-happy sandwich and grilled cheese middled with roasted peppers and tomato slivers ($9.50).

Easily transportable, sandwiches and salads are the ideal lunchtime meal or surprise elevator-companion present. You get a variety of food groups in every bite without using a blender and drinking them. Redeem your Groupon anytime weekdays for lunch or breakfast from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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