Oct 21 2012
Pasadena Home Inspector Review Keith Morgan

We had Keith Morgan do a home inspection.

He locked himself in one room and got out through the window. Yeah. very odd.  Then after doing what appeared to be a brief inspection of the crawl space gave it a clear report.

Which is where we had the biggest issue with the inspection, the house had a previous mold problem and Keith did not report or raise any alerts that the problem was as bad as we later found out from a certified mold inspector. The mold problem was quite severe, and would require removing a full deck and lots of insulation. In addition there was a leak that a plumber spotted, that Keith did not.

Also in his report there was no mention of drainage issues, and that there was a potential termite problem.

Overall I was very unhappy with Keith Morgan as a home inspector, after attempting to contact him via email after discovering these issues, there was no response, which tells a lot about how feels about his inspections.

For someone who claims to be certified and have many years of experience, perhaps a little complacency has set in and the inspections are suffering.

Here’s Keith’s info just for your reference. I suggest you speak with several certified home inspectors before settling on one to do your inspection.

Keith Morgan <infoguy@socal.rr.com

Keith Morgan, MCI
Property Inspection Consultants


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