Dec 6 2009
Open Angel Forum

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About the Open Angel Forum

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Open Angel Forum is an event bringing together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry professionals. We are not a venture capital or investment firm, but rather an event company. Our mission is to host events that are free to startups and investors. If you are selected to present as a startup or attend as an investor, you will not be charged. Period.
We expect to have around ten high-quality angel investors at our first event, which will take place over dinner in Los Angeles on January 14th from 6:30 to 9PM. At that event, we hope to have five startup companies present for 10 minutes each, then take 5 to 10 minutes of questions. The entire event will be two hours long and take place in the private dining room of a restaurant. The angel investors will be eating dinner during the first couple of presentations.

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in presenting to the group, please fill out the application here.

A large number of service providers, including lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and consultants, have asked to attend the event. While I personally love my lawyer and accountant, we can’t allow every service provider in the world into the event or it will be 90% service providers. In order to resolve this issue, I’ve come up with a revolutionary concept: charge the service providers to attend the event. In fact, that is the business model of the Open Angel Forum: free for startups, free for angel investors and very expensive for service providers. (Don’t worry; they can easily afford it!). We are currently opening up five service provider seats to the event (i.e. lawyers, recruiters, etc) for $1,500 each. Yes, the service providers are paying for dinner. :-) You can purchase your ticket here.
In order to attend the event as an angel investor, you must have made at least three investments of note in the past 18 months, and must meet and be approved by me personally. If you would like to apply as an angel investors, please let us know here.
Unlike the TechCrunch50 conference, which I co-founded and co-host with Mike Arrington, this event does not require your company be in stealth or launch mode at the event. In fact, most companies will not even be formed at this event! This is the event that you attended BEFORE you apply to TechCrunch50! Of course, you can apply to raise angel investment for a company that has already launched. Obviously, we are not looking for companies to present which have already raised venture capital. (Don’t be greedy!).
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