Sep 30 2013
One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues For Cash at @fanduel

FanDuel allows players to build a new fantasy team every day of the season and win real money. We offer a wide variety of entry fee levels ranging from $1 up to $535, with contest size ranging from 1 opponent to 10,000 opponents in our largest tournaments. In the tournaments, prize pools routinely pay out over $50,000, and over $250,000 in some of our high stakes games.


With millions of fantasy sports players unaware of our daily fantasy format, there is immense opportunity for you to share in our success by promoting FanDuel today.

One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues For Cash at

The Huddle membership provides you with full access to all the finest, most accurate and entertaining fantasy football advice and information on the Internet. From the NFL Combine and Draft through the Superbowl, you’ll be glad you joined The Huddle!


The Huddle provides award winning fantasy football analysis, news and stats. Here’s just some of what you’ll find.

  • Customized Cheat Sheets
  • Mock Drafts
  • Expert Player Analysis
  • Draft Tools
  • 24/7 Fantasy News
  • Player Rankings
  • Projected Statistics
  • Insider Injury Reports
  • Sleepers and Busts
  • Proven Draft Strategies
  • Weekly Player Advice
  • Weekly Game Matchups
  • Start / Bench Analysis
  • Sunday Morning Updates

Want to win your fantasy football league this year? Join us in The Huddle!

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