May 28 2009
Obama in Los Angeles

President Obama is leaving. Air Force One is taking off from Los Angeles Airport, LAX at approx 8:45am.

Lots of security when the president is leaving.

Air traffic is restricted when the jet is in the air including:

Private pilots will not be allowed to fly in or out of LAX, Hawthorne Municipal Airport, Santa Monica Airport, Burbank Airport and Van Nuys Airport from 1:05 p.m. today to 8 a.m. Thursday, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said.

President Obama is going back to Washington DC

Raised between 3-4 million, cost 30k per couple for fund raiser at Berverly Hills Hotel. Stimulus package is working?

Update:  LAX – Woman was removed by force, they could not verify who she was. Security was very tight. Religous outfit. Worked for a catholic publication. Secret service removed her from the area.

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