May 28 2008
Norman’s Ark at The Ford Theater


Norman’s Ark is a musical about hope, family and the power of love. The project was conceived as a response to the increase in disastrous floods affecting our planet, but will have a greater impact and a deeper significance in light of the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina.

This original musical tells of the journey of one man and his family in the face of disaster, of the passions and fears that define the family unit (and by association, all of us) and of the understanding of what is really important in life – love, tolerance and appreciation of one another.

Set in the torrential floods of present-day Midwest, Norman’s Ark is a contemporary retelling of the Noah’s Ark story. In this version, Norman Coopersmith and his family have climbed up on their roof as the water has begun to rise in their home. To calm their fears, Norman begins to tell his loved ones about a flood that occurred a million years ago…but with a very modern point of view.

Norman’s Ark is meant to entertain, inspire, and encourage children and adults alike. It is filled with songs, most of which are in the country rock tradition, performed by the multi-racial Coopersmith family and rousing gospel numbers performed by a mass compilation of various gospel choirs. One hundred multi-racial children from all over the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas will also participate; bringing to life the adorable dancing animals on the ark, the thundering storm, and the doves of peace and hope.

Just as the Christmas season and the Easter season each have their traditional shows which families attend over and over, THE FESTIVAL OF NEW AMERICAN MUSICALS LA FESTIVAL.ORG is kicking off the Summer Season at THE FORD AMPHITHEATRE FORD AMPITHEATRE.ORG with a timeless show that will delight and unite families year after year.

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