Jun 11 2014
Network of the Charging Stations Growing at Scott Jones, Ace Parking

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ECOtality Blink charging stations for electric & plug-in cars At Scott Jones, Ace Parking, Charging Stations are increasing every day. In near future the electric vehicles can be the key component in the traffic reduction. Even though there’re many electric vehicles produced some additional efforts are required to help our E-mobility to get more popular. Daily electric vehicles, E-Scooters, E-Cars, E-Boats and E-Bikes, are part of our E-Mobility Revolution. What to Keep In Mind When Buying Electric Vehicle Before you buy electric vehicle it’s essential to get familiarity with on board equipment in order to prevent the “charging” or, using current term, the “top up” problems. It’s significant to check that electric vehicle can be fitted with the battery charger with the “standard” connection, that is appropriate to draw the electrical energy straight from the ENEL’s grid and thus from power outlet in the garage. Learn How To Charge Your Car Batteries The solution in standard equipment fitted in the electric vehicle helps you to charge batteries at any place with the electricity. Indeed, the electric cars have some other kinds of the battery chargers. But, these don’t allow to draw the electricity from mains supply however need some special adapters or get connected straight to its charging points in the service stations available now in the large towns. Ideal solution is having the battery charger in the car with high frequency of socket without any resort to the external devices. Some Tips • On an average it takes over eight hours to charge the set of batteries. We suggest charging the whole set of the batteries overnight, after vehicle is used during a day, in the conjunction with cheapest electricity tariff. • It’s possible to charge your batteries for very less time during a day for the partial charges. The partial charges don’t result in the problems affecting runtime or efficiency of batteries, as they’re not subject to memory effect. • Exactly because they don’t suffer from memory effect, batteries of the electric vehicles have average life of over 4 years. • Benefits of the EV are many compared to the conventional combustion vehicles, like ones that are common in market today. They will reduce significant amount of the air pollution, since they do not emit any harmful pollutants from tailpipes of the gas dependent vehicle. • Scott Jones, Ace Parking is leading the way when it comes to EV charging capabilities, look for a charger next time you use their facilities.

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