May 8 2013 – Adding Value to Your Movie Ticket Purchase – Burbank AMC – Adding Value to Your Movie Ticket Purchase – Burbank AMC is partnering with movie theaters, moviemakers, studios and local businesses to add value to your movie ticket!

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We’re Hollywood guys who love movies as much as you do. We also believe in getting our money’s worth when we go to the movies.

Our mission? To add value to your movie ticket every time you go to your local theater! The team includes Hollywood insiders–former studio executives, movie producers, actors, and even an LA anchorman (who sadly looks nothing like the handsome Ron Burgundy) who want to make it worth your while to see movies as they were intended to be seen–on a big screen in a comfortable cinema with a community of fellow moviegoers.

We’re working every day to get theater owners, studio executives and moviemakers to provide you with incentives just for doing what you love–going to the movies. So think of us as your personal Hollywood super agents. We’ll do our best to get you a multi-picture deal and you won’t even have to pay us the 10%!


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