Dec 23 2009
Milo’s Local Shopping Engine Leaves Beta With One Million Users In Tow

You always look for finding the low priced and the good quality products while searching online for the products. But online shopping falls short of driving down your local store or shopping mall. Milo, a local shopping search engine that helps you search the best product from the world, it helps you in searching for the products online. It tells you the retail stores that are near you, where you can buy your product. The website is announcing its 1 millionth user. Milo is also launching some new features.

Milo has been there for two years. With the participation from Silicon Valley’s most well known investors, Milo has raised $4million funding. The investors that helped in funding were Jeff Clavier, True Ventures, Ron Conway, and’s Aaron Patzer (this is his first investment) and many more.

A new Kayak-inspired search interface is also being launched by Milo along the launch of the full website. Kayak-inspired search interface looks nice, as it allows you to filter products by rating and their pricing. It also gives you an option to select the retailers that you like to search for by giving you checkboxes.

Milo has got the competition also like with Google, Google announced that they will begin inventory counts for local stores that they will begin next year. CEO Jack Abraham, knowing that it will be having a competition with Google in this regard still thinks that Milo is in a good position. As the site has partnership with 30 retailers. Google has announced two yet. But I don’t think that advantage will hold up for a longer period of time. Google isn’t always successful in trying new things. Google is not so successful when it tries to move into new verticals with its existing leaders. This is true, take an example of the Youtube and Google videos. Youtube is much successful still even with Google competing. Milo still has a chance to excel in this field no matter what the competition is. The thing that Milo needs is to move quickly ahead, it has got to increase its visibility before the Google giant steps in.

Following is a full list of Milo’s investors:

*True Ventures (Jon Callaghan)

*Aaron Patzer

*Ron Conway

*Jeff Clavier

*Aydin Senkut

*Chris Dixon

*Kevin Hartz

*Keith Rabois

*Jawed Karim

*Magid Abraham (comscore)

*Russ Fradin (adify)

*Maurice Werdeger

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