Sep 28 2011
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Nightmare

So what do you do when you have to swap out a hard drive with one operating system or actually a flavor of Windows XP from one machine to another?

Is there really an easy way to do this? Apparently not. Microsoft has really figured out how to make this almost impossible.

You call the support number and they pretty much no longer support Windows XP.

I have three computers all with valid XP keys on stickers attached to the systems, and I went from a computer that had Windows XP Media Center Edition on it and took that drive and put it into another system that had a key for Windows XP Professional.
Well the system did not like my activation on the hard drive going from the Windows XP Media Center to Windows XP Professional.

So I attempted to “upgrade” from Windows XP Media Center to Windows XP Professional.

None of the keys I had worked, I tried various and all returned, not a valid product code, with no option to contact Microsoft to register.

So now I am left with trying to install a new fresh copy of Windows XP Professional on this system.

Dear Microsoft, you have really managed to make the keys and registration process a nightmare, even for those who are legit, it sure stinks.

Anyone else a similar experience? Are there any work arounds? or does Microsoft assume that when you move a hard drive from one system to another that you have to re-activate that operating system?

I called this number: (888) 352 7140
and I was transferred to a something about DirecTV and ADT home security and the call was disconnected.

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