Jun 3 2020
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Peaceful, silent protest from home.

This Wednesday June 3rd, at 9:00 pm, for exactly 8 min and 46 seconds, let’s go outside our homes and shine a flashlight into the sky. That’s the amount of time that Floyd had a knee on his neck, pleading for his life.

All we need to do is to go outdoors (rooftop, front yard, back yard, street, any place outdoors) and turn on a flashlight, or emergency light, and point it to the sky for exactly 8 min and 46 seconds starting at exactly 9:00 pm.

Let’s get the entire city of Los Angeles to do it, let’s show that we, the people, can come together peacefully, even when we are forced to be apart. Let’s show that we care, and that we DEMAND change.

A light in the dark symbolizes hope, and I hope that we can incite change with a simple, yet powerful 8 min and 46 seconds gesture. It really takes nothing to join this at-home protest and we can make the city of LA bright.

Wednesday June 3rd, will be 9 days from Floyd’s murder. He lost his life in almost 9 minutes by police unnecessary brutality. Let’s come together and peacefully show that it’s not okay and that we demand change.

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