Nov 26 2009
Make Your Twitter Easy

Good news for TWITTER users. No need to find for your interest that takes time on TWITTER.

No need to find and follow the same interest people manually which tales time. Now you can take the best TWITTER tools from


You can use two TWITTER APPS, designed specifically to the TWITTER users who are already interested in your interest.

  1. TwitterOnTheRun
  2. TweetAfter

TwitterOnTheRun is a TWITTER APPS to follow the exact TWITTERS that you choose. You will have all the information with this application. This TwitterOnTheRun Deletes TWITTERS that do not follow you back and gives you a log of who you are following and what percentage of them follow you back. TwitterOnTheRun uses an advanced filter to top your search lists with TWITTERS who tweet multiple times about your keywords. The more they use your keyword, the higher they are on your list. The higher they are on your list, the more likely they will follow you back, and the more likely you will want to mirror their follows.

TweetAfter is a TWITTER APP that helps you to manage your TWITTER needs all in one desktop program. It has an advanced search filter that target follows TWEETERS based on your specifications to find TWITTERS who are most like you so that they will be interested in following you back. Once a TWITTER is following you, TweetAfter will send automated tweets for you based on a schedule of your choosing. It will also send scheduled auto DM’s to your followers for you.

No need to pay a separate fee for every keyword you search on twitter or every twitter account that you manage. You can have all with 1 low price.

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