Jan 15 2008
MacBook Air!! Macworld Expo

MacBook air is released.

It is so thin it fits into a vanilla envelop! And we get a demo. It is so much thinner than any other product.

13.3 ” display! .76″ thick. .16″ at the shorter end.

World’s thinest notebook!

LED backlite.

Isight camera

full size keyboard

gestures support

1.8″ HD 80 gig
64 gig SSD

Core 2 Duo smaller version 60% smaller for the MacBook Air. Good going Intel!

Comes with EVDO, 802.11n and bluetooth

Smaller 45w ac adapter

Buy an external optical drive for $99

Everything on the Air is wireless, music, remote disk, shows you all the software, Mac and Windows version. Ask to borrow the optical drive.

Paul Otellini from Intel takes was on the stage to make the presenation of the Core Duo chips.

Aluminum case – recycle friend, arsenic and mercury free display.
Retail packaging is 50% less than previous small packaging.

$1799, 5 hour battery life with remote disk

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