Aug 18 2012
Luminosity – A Fun Way To A Healthier Brain!

If you’ve ever played on the Nintendo DS the chances are that you’ve played on one of the various brain training games and if you have children, there is a distinct possibility that not only have they beaten you, but that they’ve also laughed at the fact you have the brain age of a sixty year old, (unless you are 60 in which case you’re excused!) The concept and execution of these games was not only sophisticated and beneficial, but also highly entertaining and addictive and for a long time there hasn’t been anything that even comes close…..until now.

Luminosity has taken exactly the same principles that were so popular with the DS and applied them to a brain training programme readily available to everyone on the internet. Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t merely a new game with a clever angle, there is real science behind Luminosity’s offering and the boast that core cognitive functionality is dramatically improved has been supported by factual evidence. Through a study of individuals that regular use the Luminosity training programme researchers have measured significant improvements in working memory and attention span.
With a personal training plan that can be built to you own specific needs and requirements and monitored to track changes in brain performance, Luminosity can help you to have a complete mental workout and exercise the parts you couldn’t even hope to touch in a gym. Best of all they are offering a free trial so that you can see how beneficial the programme can be and literally ‘try before you buy’!
Science can be fun and why shouldn’t you have a healthy mind and body? Give Luminosity a go today and see what difference it could make to your life.
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