Jun 29 2012
Love Online Video – Get Yourself to VidCon 2012

First there was video tape and we all marvelled at the prospect of watching something that wasn’t being screened live on the television. This was followed by the invention of DVD’s and we all “oo’d” and “ah’d”, loving the technology but not really understanding how the oily looking disks actually worked. When Blu-Ray arrived I sighed at the prospect of having to update my movie collection…..again, (whatever comes next I’m boycotting!). What I can understand and something that is more and more prolific everyday however,  is online video.

With faster servers, processing power and improved technology; live streaming or quickly downloadable content makes for the easiest media communicaiton tool ever and best of all we can access it anywhere, anytime with all manner of applications from laptops to phones.



VidCon is an industry conference with a difference and while it allows people from all aspects of the industry such as creators, enablers, makers, viewers and supporters to make important business contacts and find out all that’s new with the medium, it does so light-heartedly and in a manner that truly reflects the diverse nature of online video.

This year VidCon is into it’s third year and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, from June 28th – June 30th. The increased size of the venue reflects the popularity of previous years events so that far more people can enjoy the convention and not be disapointed by ticket unavailability due to selling out, something that has been a problem in the past.

Whether your there for the latest news and reviews, the guests, speeches, presentations or anything else, if your into online video you’ll find what you’re looking for at VidCon






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