Jun 29 2012
Nissan Leaf EV Warning Lamps

If you have experienced the warning lamps/lights indicators on your Nissan Leaf, you probably worried that you might be stranded.
Some reports are that if you turn the Leaf off and back on it will solve the issue, the other relates to an interrupted charge. Not sure what is an un-interrupted charge?
Anyway we experienced our first EV Warning lights, and drove the Leaf all the way home without incident and once in the garage turned it off and then back on and the lamps no longer came on.

But just in case keep these Nissan Leaf numbers handy as if they come back on, call the Roadside assistance number so that you can get some help.

Nissan LEAF Customer Support: 1-877-664-2738 (1-877-NO-GAS-EV)
Nissan LEAF Roadside Assistance: 1-800-801-6161


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