Jan 1 2012
Live Body Coach

LiveBodyCoach.com is a website unlike any other I have ever visited.  The main idea is simple, yet intuitive and unique: the site links you up with a live fitness instructor, and gives personalized fitness plans along with their Natural Burn weight loss supplements to obtain maximum results.  The combined use of dietary monitoring, supplementation, and exercise means that you will get the kind of real, lasting results that you are after.

This isn’t one of those questionable, amateur-designed sites where you don’t know if the “instructor” really knows what they are talking about; each “coach” is a certified personal trainer who knows what they’re talking about.  The site includes live video chat and classes with trainers, nutrition software, and mobile apps.

Most of us are looking for ways to get back into shape and, while there is no magic way to do that, LiveBodyCoach.com simplifies the process and helps in any way possible.  Their Natural Burn supplement burns excess fat, increases energy, and cleans your internal system.  It allows you to take advantage of the time you put into eating and exercising right by helping your body to get rid of that extra weight.  Their Android and iPhone apps connect directly to the online diet calendar online so you can track your carbs, protein, fats, and calories throughout your day without sitting down at the computer.

Live Body Coach is currently offering a 10-day free trial of their system, and for signing up they will send you a free bottle of their Natural Burn supplement.  Click through to their site to see for yourself and then try out this deal to see if Live Body Coach is for you.


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