Jul 29 2010
Lending Club’s IRA Program

How does our IRA product benefit your audience?

It combines LC’s 9.5% net annualized returns with the tax advantages of an IRA account.
No account opening or maintenance fees for rollovers from an existing IRA or 401k account.
Investments can grow tax-deferred or tax-free until retirement age.
Traditional or Roth for individuals; Simple or SEP for small businesses.
Greater diversification – Investors can now diversify their Self- Directed IRA into assets such as real estate, private stock, limited partnerships, joint ventures or even gold bullion.
Learn more and sign-up here.

About Lending Club:

  • The world’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • 40,000 plus investors and growing fast – over 1,500 new investors joined in May.
  • Coverage from national news and other online media outlets.
  • Named one of the Top 20 Breakthrough Ideas of 2009 by Harvard Business Review.
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