Feb 3 2010
Keep your food fresh- Use ‘Always Fresh’

Do you want to prolong the life of your perishable food items? Do you want to extend the life of your vegetables fruits and more?
Try always fresh containers!

The Always Fresh Container™ system is a handy new kitchen product at the forefront of the food storage frontier. These smart storage containers are made with a natural and environmentally friendly material that helps extend the lifespan of edibles by absorbing and removing food-spoiling ethylene gas released during the natural ripening process. Always Fresh Containers™ also help prevent vitamin loss without the use of harmful toxins.

Completely reusable and microwave safe!

Don’t let your leftover food go to waste! Now the Always Fresh™ system saves you valuable time and money. Keep your favorite foods fresh longer and stop making frequent trips to the store!

Always Fresh containers:
Saves Money
Eliminates freezer burns
Keeps all edibles fresh longer
Reduces vitamin loss without the use of harmful chemicals

These containers are environment friendly and antimicrobial with the integration of nanotechnology!
You can buy a set of 10 containers for just $19.99+ shipping.
You get a bonus too! If you buy a Always Fresh 10 –piece value set , you get an additional Always Fresh10-piece value set absolutely free! You just have to pay for the shipping!

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