Mar 24 2017
Judge Halts Big Dig Project Hahamonga Arroyo Seco

Judge Halts Big Dig Project

KPCC- “Environmentalists win temporary halt to Devil’s Gate Dam dig-out”

Pasadena Now – “Judge Halts Devil’s Gate Sediment Removal Project”

Judge James Chalfant’s ruling about the deficiencies in LA County’s Big Dig EIR for Hahamongna is a big victory for all who have helped save Hahamongna. Now the County Supervisors will have to take another look at the Flood Control District’s massive destructive project for our region’s most significant environmental zone. Hopefully they will recognize that there is a better way to manage this rare stream corridor that has broad community support and was recommended by Pasadena three years ago. A slow, steady sediment management program wil provide flood protection while preserving habitat and wildlife and reducing neighborhood impacts.

LA County Board of Supervisors is remarkablly different today than in 2014 when the Big Dig Project was approved. Then we only had one champion, Zev Yaroslavsly, to stand up for Hahahamongna and for our neighborhoods. The vote for the project was 4-1. Now the board is filled with supevisors with excellent environmental credentials and proven records as defenders of environmental treasures like Hahamongna. We are hopeful that they will reduce the negative impacts of the Flood Control District’s program and save Hahamongna for future generations. Please take action now to communicate your concerns to the Supervisors and urge them to work with ASF and Pasadena Audubon to develop a long-term, sustainable watershed management program for Hahamongna.

The Arroyo Seco Foundation is grateful to our stellar partners in the Big Dig lawsuit, Pasadena Audubon Society. Our attorneys, Mitchell Tsai and Christina Caro, have done a great job of pointing out the severe flaws in the County’s program, and we salute them!

As the news articles point out, though, the struggle to save Hahamongna is not over. We are grateful for your past support; we need your continued support. Please celebrate this very signifant victory with a donation so that we can continue our work to Save Hahamongna.

Thanks for your continuing support.

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