Aug 29 2016
ITT Tech Halts Enrollment – Feds Ban Aid

ITT Tech halts enrollment amid ban on federal aid.
New Enrollments will drop up to 60%
Other institutions are experiencing a similar fate as the federal government increases scrutiny on for profit institutions.

Early this week California banned ITT from accepting new student enrollment at 15 locations.

Earlier this year Massachusetts Attorney General Muara Healey sued ITT for deceptive practices and abuses.

The website currently shows a message “We are not enrolling new students”

Not sure what this means for existing students and aid that is being distributed.

It appears that ITT Technical Institute is in trouble. According to Wikipedia, ITT was established in 1969. With 130 campuses across the nation. Headquarters located in Carmel, Indiana.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. stock symbol ESI traded as high as $72.16 in August 2011. Today August 29, 2016, the stock is trading below $0.45 cents!
This is the investor site, parent company site.

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