Jan 6 2008
iPod-iPhone display protection invisible zagg

Thanks to Steve Bass for this:

I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show, finding the products that you
(and I) can use. I spent three hours at CES Unveiled last night —
along with 40, 000 other journalists crammed a too-small banquet room.
(Oh, what I do for you…)

I spotted the Invisible Shield, a super thin transparent film that
protects electronic devices — the ubiquitous iPod, iPhone, cell
phones, digital cameras… you get the idea.

It has a lifetime warranty and purported to be scratch-proof. I
watched as a company rep used a ballpoint pen and tried scratching
the Invisible Shield. From the short demo, it worked.

The invisible shield is cheap — anywhere between $10 and $25,
depending on the device. You can buy one on their site and get a
50-percent discount one week after the CES show closes.

< https://www.zagg.com/showspecial >

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