Oct 23 2012
iPad mini Apple Announcement

2 weeks ago 100 million iPads sold!

In 2.5 years!

More iPads than any PC maker complete lineup!

iPad tablet 91% of web traffic for tablets

People love their iPads.

iBooks Author, newest

iPad 4th Generation is here.

A6X chip in latest iPad.

2x the performance for CPU tasks.

Graphics performance 2x

10 hour battery life

FaceTime HD

Expanded LTE!

Working with all the carriers!

2x faster WiFi, 2.5 and 5ghz speeds

lightining connector

new cables, USB and SD



black and white

16gb $499 WIFI

16gb Wifi Cellular – $629

and now they announce the iPad Mini!

Entire new design

nothing as amazing, so thin

light as thin as a pencil

53% lighter, as light as a pad of paper

Screen size, 9.7 vs 7.9″

pixels are the same 1024 x 768

all software will work from iPad 2 to iPad mini





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