Jan 3 2010
Introducing Lending Club

www.lendingclub.com is a beautiful place where you can get soft loans for your everyday needs. Lending club is a unique place where one can get a secured loan up to $4.0 millions and these loans are provided with the co-operation of Silicon Valley Bank and Gold Hill Venture Lending. Lending club also accepts investments from banks and big recognized organization and gives them great incentives. Here at lending club the customers can earn better returns. It is a limiting loan site where only specific borrower can get loan. You must be member of the lending club to get the loan facility.

Lending club provide loan at suitable and fixed rates which are based on the principal of historical trend where the borrowers are considered to get fixed rate for the 3- year life loan. Lending club also provides very easy way to the people to invest their money. Just make a free account through the official site at lending club, open a free account which is privacy and security protected, enter the e- mail and password and your choice whether you want to invest or take a loan. Lending Club requires those lenders which can satisfy the income requirements.

Lending club also make easy for borrowers (LendingMatch) to identify loans is based which is according to identification policy of the club. The member sellers are allowed to set a price and the same data is added to a list of notes for sale. The borrowers can change the amount of price from the notes that are unsold. The Performance condition and statistic of Lending Club loans are published and they are updated daily with new coming information. Lending club also offer U.S. peoples to buy notes no matter if they live in a state where they cannot invest in loans directly.

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