Jul 26 2009
Honey Wine

In Wine Country

50-80lbs of honey can turn might be 50 gallons of wine
Sweet Meed

Drums full of honey
Orange aroma from the flower
Oak barrels
2-3 year aging some 7 years

Mead – take honey dilute with water, and add yeast and ferment, then like an other wine.

Mead has to be sweet is a misperception, can be very dry and sweet

The French Laundry – used his wine, real product not niche.

Chocolate Factory;
Brent Madsen
Annettes Choclate
Blends wines with chocolate – thriving business, chocolate truffles, infusing wine into chocolates, in Napa valley
love of deserts
Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory
Old favorites, brittle, mint truffle
1,000 truffles per tray
waterfall of chocolate
agie salinas

arrowood , grand archer

bear brittle – acne bear – peanuts into brittle raw, moving quicky onto markble , salted, hops in bear

try them all at Annettes in Napa

What is corkage – Fee for bringing your own wine – decanting, fees for glasses, air conditioning,


Rubs, Vinagers, etc..

Text WINE to 22911 to participate in the local wine groups and receive tips and more.

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen,
seans and rubs, grilled corn, bread, whole meal outdoors,

Catherine Bergen
Tulocay & Co., Inc.
101 S. Coombs St.
Napa, California 94559
tulocans, look inside first, think about what you like to eat, make it an extension outside,
you don’t have to spend as much,
sink and grill are key
appetizer – bagette,

veggie rub


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