Sep 29 2010
Homestead Harvest: Citrus Sale, Onions, Leeks and more
Freedom Harvest Collective
Homestead Harvest
Fresh from farm to table
Growing food closer to home

What’s Growing On?

Check out the collective’s growing list – there’s a few new veggies and fruit.

Did you see it?  The local news report that exposing the False Lies of Farmer’s Market?   Check out this disturbing report at Farmer’s Market without the Farmer

Just another reason to seek out and support true farmers (like this collective) who are trying to make a living on this good earth.

A suggestion for newbies, when placing an order, please include your phone number.

Thanks for supporting local foods and REAL farms

Produce & Products List

:: Vegetables ::

Heirloom Paste Tomatoes $4.00 lb NEW

Baby Leeks $2.00 bunch NEW

Heirloom Onions $2.00 lb / 5 lbs for $8.00 NEW

Heirloom Italian Squash $2.00 lb (limited supply) HOT SELLER

Heirloom Marconi Green (sweet) Peppers $3.00 lb  4-5 in a lb

Hungarian Hot Wax 1/2 lb for $3.00

Jalapeno Peppers 1/2 lb for $3.00

Heirloom Winter Squash $10 each (6-8 lb a piece ) NEW

:: Fruit ::

Shambar Sweet Grapefruit $2.00 lb /       5 lbs  for $5.00 / 10 lbs for $8.00 / 20 lbs for $15.00

Sweet Valencia Oranges $2.00 lb / 5 lbs for $8.00 / 10 lbs for $12.00 / 20 lbs for

:: Herbs ::

Mints – $2.00 bunch

Rosemary – $2.00 bunch

Lemon Verbena – $2.00 bunch

Rose Scented Geranium – $2.00 bunch

Pineapple Sage – $2.00 bunch

:: Eggs (free range) ::

The poultry menagerie is molting so no eggs for awhile

:: Other ::

HONEY 100% Raw, Unheated, Untreated, Lightly Filtered — 1/2 lb $5.00 / 1 1/4 lbs $11.00 / 2 3/4 lbs $21.00

HERB BUTTER (savory) contains tarragon and chives — 4oz $4.00 Yummy on biscuits, potatoes and veggies

PRESERVES -1/2 pt $6.00

Apple “Butter” — organic apples, sugar and spices.

“Rose Shamarmalde” – organic shambar grapefruit and rose scented geranium

Peach Preserves – organic peaches and organic sugar

Old Fashion Fig Preserves – organic figs and organic sugar

!! Recycle !! Bring the jars and rims back and receive $1.00 OFF your next jam/honey order

How to Order

We are a small family farm and supplies are limited. Please place your order a day or two ahead of time either by phone (626)844.4586 or email

HOURS: 8 am – 6 pm Sun – Fri / Closed Saturday

LOCATED: 631 Cypress Ave Pasadena

We pick fresh, each morning before 10:00 am and are NOT able to handle unexpected “drop-ins” to pick orders that haven’t been properly placed in advance.

Thank you for supporting local business and family farms.

The Dervaes family

“Fresh from our garden to your table”

Since 1995

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