Jul 29 2010
Groupon Raises the Ante with Personalization

Groupon is raising the ante an group coupon sites. Now with personalization and some design changes to the site the Groupon execs hope it will create a little breathing room.
Basically they asked if I was a male, what year I was born and my zip code. Not a lot of info.
As we have read, YELP is entering the space, probably will be accelerated. Yelp has considerably more data on users, including what types of businesses you review as a user and offering competitive business offers. i.e. you review a cleaners and they see you gave it a bad review and offer you a coupon and maybe an offer for no charge would be great, no cost offers to users, maybe in exchange for offering to review a business, and building additional content.
Groupon is not really a content play, it is more about making a quick buck off shopping and people wanting a good deal. How many groupons do you have that have expired? Most expire with months of purchase, although there are some that expire a year from purchase, which is more appropriate.

Now that we have hundreds of coupon groupon type sites, get ready. Which service is poised to offer the best return for businesses and best experience for customers? I would venture that it could be a hybrid site some of what Groupon and Yelp do.

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