Oct 30 2011
Green Festival Los Angeles 2011 Pictures @greenfestival

Day 1 of the Green Festival

So much to see and do. So many food samples and new and old faces.

The speakers had some great things to say.

I attended one of the panels on “blogging for good”, which was good to attend. As that is what I like to say I do…. Blog for Good, sometimes it may not be for the good of one party, if I am complaining about their product or service, but nonetheless it gives them an opportunity to fix it, and I am usually pretty fair.

Laura Klein – Siel Siel – Jerry James Stone – Karl Burkhart

Blogging for good was moderated by Laura Klein(Organic Authority)
on the panel:
Karl Burkhart(K2B Digital)
Jerry James Stone (Discovery Channel Tree Hugger)
Siel Siel (Green LA Girl)

Anyway, here’s some pictures from the first day and some of my favorite products.


1. Bean and rice chips, don’t miss trying these GMO FREE, gluten free chips, they are the best chips now available in new flavors. Reed Braude-Glidden(President and Founder) is a great guy to meet.

2. Beeswax cream


3. Orange Oil Cleaner -still have to try this out, but they convinced me to buy a bottle to try saying that it works for sure on all surfaces. The demo was with another “orange” type cleaner and how it has none of the orange oils.

Speakers for Sunday include:
Bill McGibbon and David W. Orr
Marianne Williamson intro by Jesse Carmichael
Ed Begley Jr. , Rachel Carson, Hill Harper, and Esai Morales

Hannah Crum will be doing a Kombucha 101 talk.
Mike Lieberman will be speaking about Container Gardening in the city.

There are dozens of talks, so don’t miss out on the second day of the Green Festival.

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