Mar 18 2012
Great Gift for Parents: TV Silencer

This invention is one of those ideas that when you hear about it you just think “why didn’t I think of that?”  It works to both mute the tv and pause the DVD player when the phone rings.  This is ideal for many situations.

You have a home office, where it is very important that you don’t miss a call.  On the other hand you would also like to sit down and enjoy a movie with the family.  Now you can do the latter without worrying that you may miss an important call.  With the TV Silencer activated, you will immediately be aware that your phone is ringing.  The TV will be muted and the DVD player will pause.  This means you don’t have to frantically hunt for the remote as you run to answer the phone.  It is all done for you so that when you answer the phone you are calm and ready to deal professionally with the call.

Another instance where the TV Silencer comes in handy is with the elderly.  This is a great gift for your elderly family and friends because you won’t have to worry about them not hearing that you are calling.  This will save a lot of time and frustration in the long run.  And one of the best parts is they can just pick up right where they left off in their movie or TV program, without missing anything.

If you are a business owner, this is also great for hotels, nursing homes, resorts, etc.  Head over to, where they offer this amazing invention for only $13.99.  This includes a 30-day no questions asked guarantee, so why not give it a try?  You will be glad you did.

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