Aug 24 2013
Graffiti Removal Pasadena Hotline

I want to write about my ongoing experience with the graffiti removal department of Pasadena, CA.

This group is on it, remove most graffiti reported within one day or less.

In the past week I have reported large graffiti on a wall of a supermarket on Villa, graffiti on a utility pole, and on the sidewalk. With the increase in graffiti there has been increased workload on the city department but at the same time Jose and Rudy are doing a great job.

We can all do our part to keep the streets free of graffiti by reporting it quickly.


Graffiti Abatement
Graffiti Hotline: (626) 744-7622

To report graffiti on public property or to request services for removal from your private property, please call the Graffiti Abatement Hotline at (626)744-7622. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

Specific Address or Location
Description of graffiti
Your name and phone number


Rudy Sanchez (Graffiti Supervisor)
(626) 744-7622

Jose de la Cruz (Graffiti Supervisor)
(626) 744-7622

You can also use this site:

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